It's a daylight robbery. No, it’s worse than that. We are personally handing our once-prized possessions to the grasping hands of an unnoticed, impersonal thief. If that doesn’t count as a tragedy, I don’t know what does. I mean this: “the Scientific Outlook," to borrow a term from Lewis, is stealing our humanness and wonder. … Continue reading Wonder

The Limit

We are but mortal. I don't think I've fully realized it before, but we truly can only do so much. Our capacities and our impact are limited. Our output has a tangible, quantifiable limit. Our possible accomplishments are numbered. In one sense, this is humbling; in another, it's tremendously freeing. You see, I used to … Continue reading The Limit

Influential: What are you looking for?

You are a leader. Someone—at least one person—looks up to you in some way. But what are you going to do with it? Above all, is it going to be Christ-centered leadership?God wants Christ-centered leaders. Why do I think this? Well, He wants His people to be leaders: some of them formally; all of them … Continue reading Influential: What are you looking for?